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Do you like something in the shop but the size or color wont work specifically with your space? Almost all the pieces can be customized to fit your needs. Work with our team today to bring your idea to life.

Swamp Board

These cutting boards are made with Swamp Mahogany and Epoxy. The cutting boards are unique and made in a small batch.Each board is a...
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Cutting Board

Horseshoe Serving Tray

Dimensions - 19"x10" is the dimension of the serving tray without the horseshoes. With horseshoes the tray measures 24"x10".*Only the board with the horseshoes...
Cutting Boards New Products
Cutting Board
from $125.00

Maple Butcher Block Cutting Board

This is an end grain maple butcher block cutting board. ABOUT END GRAIN CONSTRUCTIONProfessional chefs prefer end grain cutting boards, as they are the highest...
Cutting Boards New Products
Cutting Board
from $120.00

Black Walnut Butcher Block Cutting Board

This is an end grain black walnut butcher block cutting board. In my experience, black walnut is the most popular wood species. Black walnut's...
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Cutting Board
from $120.00

Long Horn Cutting Board

*Each piece is handmade to order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks to finish Dimensions: Height:5.25" Width: 17" Depth: 3" Australian Beefwood with orange inlay...
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Cutting Board

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Quality design

Handmade. Everytime.

Making every piece by hand allows for subtle imperfections to make each piece unique. Because lumber is so unique and no two pieces of wood are the same, so is handmade art. Everytime you look at one of our pieces we want it to tell its own unique story that no other piece has.

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