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3D Cubes

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Need Something Custom

Do you like something in the shop but the size or color wont work specifically with your space? Almost all the pieces can be customized to fit your needs. Work with our team today to bring your idea to life.

Camphor Wood Desk

This beautiful camphor wood desk has some amazing character. The table top has a very unique split that creates a "L-Shaped" style adding extra...
Furniture Live Edge Ready To Ship

Live Pine Resin Table

The Live Pine epoxy resin table was created from a single slab of locally sourced Norfolk Island Pine. The base was custom made by a...
Furniture Live Edge New Products Ready To Ship

Monstera Leaf End Table

This decorative Monstera Leaf End Table is made of maple and filled with green epoxy resin in watercolor style. All of our tables are...
Furniture New Products
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Quality design

Handmade. Everytime.

Making every piece by hand allows for subtle imperfections to make each piece unique. Because lumber is so unique and no two pieces of wood are the same, so is handmade art. Everytime you look at one of our pieces we want it to tell its own unique story that no other piece has.

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